Casino Secrets – Don’t Want You to Know

blog post - Craziest Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Everyone loves to hear about insider secrets, and casino players are one of them. Casino players turn to casino tips and guides, anything that gives them an advantage over the house.

Casino operators strive hard to lure players by letting them part with their hard-earned money. You come in with a vast fortune and come out with a small one. To help you lose less money on your next casino match, here are some casino secrets they use to profit from players.

Casino Secrets

Electronic Games Are Not Random Enough

casino secrets electronic games

Most of you may hear about the “random number generators” that run casino games in both land-based and online casinos.

However, what they don’t share with you is that these electronic games are not truly random. These machines generate countless lists of numbers that are impossible to predict.

Even mathematical experts believe that we have not yet developed a true random number generator. When a casino game passes an RNG evaluation, external variables like VIP cards, pay-off size, number of credits, etc. do not influence the game. Thus, making a game fair and random.

Chips Are Easier to Spend

casino secrets chips

Do you like the colorful look and the satisfying clinking sound of poker chips? Casinos created them to make betting a lot easier.

Instead of using actual money, players don’t need to worry about spending big bills, and dealers don’t have to waste their time looking for change while running the game.

Chips also help avoid counterfeiting issues. Casinos crafted them with unique designs and security features that make counterfeiting difficult. What’s dangerous about it is that they don’t feel or look like real money. Thus, players find it easy to keep on spending.

Every Player Is Under Surveillance

casino secrets surveillance

Not only casinos are watching every player’s move, but they are also learning from them. These casinos continuously look for improvements to get one step ahead in the competition.

It can track different players depending on how much they spend, how long they play, which perks players prefer, what keeps them hooked, why they quit, etc.

With all these factors, casinos study every player’s habits to help them know what will keep you playing longer and spending more.

Casinos Take Advantage of Sensory Details – casino secrets

Casinos built attractive sound effects and flashing lights to make you think you are going to win. The neon lights and signals you observe in casino machines generate excitement that allows players to associate them with rewards even when they are not yet playing.

Casinos created these attractive features to draw you towards the machine and play a few or more rounds.

These are just some of the few among countless casino secrets. Despite all these, casinos are a fantastic way to pass the time. We have to acknowledge that they put in a crazy amount of work to create an impressive and magical space to stay. However, keep in mind how each thing works as you enjoy your time.