Cluster slide


As you may know, the Cluster Slide is a casino game that includes a pay-off system that includes paying off a cluster of rows before moving on to the next cluster. The names of the clusters, in order, are “low” through “high.” As you may guess from the name, the Cluster Slide uses a pay-off game engine for its scoring. played on a seven-line grid, winners are made when landing on at least five of the seven squares that make up the playing field.

When a winning cluster is made, all of those winning symbols are removed from the game. Instead, what we have is an avalanche of winnings, which are paid off in credits. Because this is a pay-off type of casino game and not a pay-off type of casino slot machine, there are a number of bonus features that are included with every Cluster Slide.

One of the best known and popular feature of the Cluster Slide is the wild grid feature. A wild grid is defined as one that has no squares within it that can be played (i.e., there are no valid lines connecting any of the squares). In other words, any single square can be played in a wild grid – even if all other squares are already occupied by a cluster of similar symbols. A Cluster Slide with a wild grid is designed to provide slot players with an exceptional rate of winning their bets, because all of the squares can be gambled upon.

Another great wild symbol feature is the “voltage” feature. What makes the voltage feature so popular among slot players is the fact that it provides a steady rate of payoffs despite the fact that the chances for hitting the exact same square on consecutive spins are relatively small. Because the payout rate remains at its initial value throughout the duration of the casino slot game, this aspect presents a welcome return for casino goers. After all, who wants to play a slot game with high odds of hitting nothing but a wall or something? The casino would rather pay out a higher win-rate to its customers if it can and more often than not, it chooses the latter!

In addition to the wild grid and voltage features, the Cluster Slide has what's called “jellyton” symbols. These symbols serve the dual purpose of helping to identify which reel will be paid out next and preventing the player from hitting more than one jellyton symbol on any single spin. For example, a particular reel with a red jellyton will pay out to the player every time a red jellyton appears on that particular reels. While the jellytons on the reels do not cause any payout at the beginning of the game, they do become active on subsequent casino slots – causing a win.

Finally, a unique and interesting new feature to the Cluster Slide slot machine is the machine's ability to interpret player hand signals. To do so, each of the twenty-four icons corresponds to either a letter or a number. When playing, any player can type in a certain number and that number will then be converted into a symbol that will then be translated into whatever symbol is currently displayed on the screen. This makes it much easier for players to determine their winning combination.