Miss wildfire


Miss Wildfire, created by the studio Blizzard Entertainment as an online casino game. The concept of Miss Wildfire is much lighter than it may sound like from above, although, and the graphical style is quite humorous and cartoonish. It is actually all about lighting up those log symbols on the table, which in turn reminds us of the Log Lady.

In this slot game, there are four levels to play, and each level has four distinct casino slots, namely the Fireball, the Comet, the Genie, and the Satellite. At the end of the level, you get a special prize, the Wildfire, which differs between each level. Each level has its own set of Wildfire bonuses and winning in this game also unlocks the secret bonus features of the other levels. However, if you fail to win any of these bonuses, then you lose all your points, but on the positive side, you also get to access the secret bonus features of the next level.

Basically, you need to place your bet on the right symbol and make sure it strikes true. If it strikes true, the number of the coins will be reset to one, and they will spin around once and for all, on the reels. However, if the symbol does not strike true, then Miss Wildfire will be triggered and all your winnings will be lost. Once the Wildfire has been triggered, all the game's mechanics start on and run for a while. Reels run for three, five, or seven beats, depending on which level you are on.

The most interesting part of this game is that you can see all of these important statistics and information about the symbols you used in the game through the Scorecard. You have access to the Reels' statistics, the symbols used, the winning amount, the time taken, and so much more. If you want to check out how well you are doing or just to give you an idea as to how good you are, you can compare your score with all of your friends' and family members'. You can also view all of your winning combinations on the Scorecard and get an idea of how accurate you are when it comes to guessing what numbers are on the reels.

All of these statistics and features are available in the casino version of Miss Wildfire, too. You can change your strategies in order to increase your odds of hitting a winning number. You can change the number of symbols you use, as well as how frequently you play in the casino. There are even bonus symbols in this slot machine for you to benefit from – a jackpot will knock your bank roll down quite a bit if you win more than you put into the pot.

As with any other video slot review, we recommend that you read the Miss Wildfire review thoroughly before playing this game. We believe it's one of the best video slot games available at this time. If you're looking for a good game that is full of great graphics, top-of-the-line music, challenging casino play, and a nice array of bonus symbols, then the elk studio has a game that you definitely need to look at. It definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it!