Top 7 Highest Paying Casino Games

blog post - Top 7 Highest Paying Casino Games You Should Try

As casino games provide tremendous entertainment value to its players, not all can give massive wins. There are also misconceptions that table games offer high payouts than slot games.

Discover the top 7 Highest Paying Casino Games

The odds of winning a bigger jackpot may vary depending on the casino game you play. To make it easier, here are the top seven highest paying casino games you must try.

  • Wheel of Fortune

casino games wheel of fortune

Some may say that the Wheel of Fortune has the worst odds with a house edge of 11.2%. However, lucky players can win big in the Big Six Wheel with a house edge of over 24% with 54:1 odds. Despite the horrible chances, players can win millions in just one spin of a wheel.

  • Slots

casino games slots

Besides Wheel of Fortune, many believe that slots also have the worst odds among all casino games. However, the amount you can potentially score in this game makes it a worthy mention in this list. The best paying slots even have an RTP ranging from 97% to 99%.

  • Video Poker

casino games video poker

Here’s a little-known fact about video pokers: it’s possible to eliminate the house edge by playing the right strategy in the Full-Pay Deuces Wild. By following this approach, you can receive a return of around 100.7%, which means you have a total advantage over the house. Note that full pay takes place on 9/6 pay tables.

  • Baccarat

casino games baccarat

In winning odds, Baccarat is an excellent choice among casino games. If you bet 10% on this game, you’ll only lose an average of 10 cents. Players can have a 44.62% chance of winning, while the house has 45.85%.

Baccarat is also one of the most competitive games because of its 10% chance for a tie. Although the odds may vary, a regular baccarat game has a 1.24% house edge.

  • Roulette

casino games roulette

Besides its exciting gameplay, roulette players have the chance to win massive jackpots. Although the house edge is at 2.7%, there are also other variations where the house edge can be higher. It includes double zero roulette with a 5.26% house edge.

  • Craps

casino games craps

Although craps can be intimidatingly complicated for beginners, it is an easy game to win once you learn the kinds of bets you can place. With a house edge of 1.2%, craps is undoubtedly a favorable casino game.

Some casinos provide a lower house edge at 0.60%, which means you can have 49.4% higher odds of winning under any given bet.

  • Blackjack

casino games blackjack

Last but not least, blackjack earns the top spot as the highest paying casino game. With a house edge of 0.13%, players can have the highest odds of winning among any other game.

Plus, blackjack also has one of the biggest jackpots. However, note that the odds of winning may vary depending on its variations.

Players must understand how the house edge affects the winning odds. Regardless of which type of casino game you play, the house is always one step above you. It means that you will eventually fall into a trap if you don’t play in moderation. In the end, it is always better to walk away with actual winnings in hand.